No Longer a Street Boy, a Resourceful Youth


Provision of Food and Shelter
The Centre provides food and shelter for the children. The children prepare their own food and snacks and do all the cleanings. The children live in a hygienic and familial environment.

Regular Health Checkup
All the children are sent to hospital for a thorough check-up before they are admitted in the Centre so that the organisation can make the necessary plans to support them. All the wounds and diseases are taken care of before admission. Children visit the doctors frequently with the guardianship of the caretakers. First Aid facility is provided within the Centre for minor sickness.

Vocational Trainings
The children who can not continue their formal schooling are provided with training opportunities in various fields such as plumbing, mechanics, sewing, electronics, electrical and driving etc. Vocational counseling is given before these boys decide to participate in any training. Some of the boys are currently carrying out Electronic, Paper craft and stitching training in different training centers in Kathmandu whereas some have already started working. There are two instructors for tailoring and three teachers in the school.

Formal and informal education
Children get two years informal education within the Centre which is equivalent to grade five of the formal education system. The children are allowed to choose between formal education and vocational training after they complete the two-year course. The children are also encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities. Seven boys have already passed grade five and studying in a governmental school in Kathmandu and five more are going to appear in grade five examinations this year. There are two boys studying in class seven and eight respectively and will appear in the examinations this year.

Family Reunion/HELP
The Centre, with the children’s wish, tries its best to re-unite them with their family. Almost half of the children have found their family through CWCN. If the children want to go back to their family and continue study and work, we provide them a small loan program called HELP (Help Entrepreneur Loan Program). Through this, they can earn a living for themselves by working.

There are usually 30 per cent dropouts of street children as most of them have had problematic past before being rehabilitated. Also the children grow fond of carefree life on streets and get used to liberty and freedom on the streets with no one to guide them. They face psychological as well as psychosocial problems which desolate them from the outer world. The professional counselor provides counseling to them in order to minimize the level of trauma, improve their habits, build self-esteem, confidence building, self motivation etc. For the past six months, there has been no dropout and the children are learning to live a decent life with hopes for tomorrow and goals to attain.

The children celebrate festivals in the Centre together with care takers, teachers and other staff members like in a family. They also get information about the particular festivals, its importance and way of celebration. This helps them learn more about the cultural norms and values within the society.

Games, audiovisual and frequent excursion
The children take part in many indoor and outdoor games such as chess, football, volleyball, self- defense training etc. Currently the boys are participating in Judo training. Tour, picnic, swimming and various types of entertaining and educational activities are organized. During Saturdays, they are allowed to visit their friends, which also enhance them to socialise with people and lead a normal life.

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