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Supply of Flowers and Plants
The Garden is located at a beautiful village of Kathmandu Valley called Mandikhatar. It has different varieties of indoor, outdoor and seasonal plants and flowers. The Garden also has door-to-door service to supply plants and flowers within the Kathmandu Valley. People don't need to come to pick up the flowers from garden; instead the children provide them to your place with no extra charge of transportation. This helps the children to indulge themselves with the business tactics of gardening which can help them later to start up business on their own.

Garden Designing and Landscaping
WGSC design modern and contemporary gardens in your hotels, houses and companies. It has our professional garden designers to make your dream garden in your own way. Such as Japanese, Rock, Pond, Nepali hut and waterfalls with beautifully designed flowers and plants. You can choose your favorite sample of gardens from our catalogue and can also call us if you want to design it your way. The children are also taking gardening trainings from a professional garden designer.

Gardening Consultation and Maintenance
WGSC offers a regular gardening maintenance in reasonable and affordable price. The children will maintain your garden and make it look more beautiful. Caressing with gentle hands are all that is needed to nurture the flowers in your garden. For further information or available services, call us now (9851079963).

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