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Child Homes and Academic Building Officially Inaugurated



Nayapati, Kathmandu, Nepal

On the occasion of National Children’s Day, Honorable State Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare, Ram Wajan Yadav inaugurated the two homes and academic building of Child Watabaran Center Nepal today in Nayapati VDC in the kind presence of Chairman and CEO of LeasePlan Corporation, The Netherlands, Mr. Vahid Daemi, and Managing Director of Net4kids Aid Foundation, Mrs. Odette Van Zijdveld and Chairman of Child Watabaran Center Nepal Mr. Tirtha Raj Rasaili.

 “Bal Watabaran” a souvenir magazine of the organization was also released during the ceremony. The organizational heads from Donor organizations for CWCN including XDIN AB Sweden,  LeasePlan Corporation, The Netherlands and Net4Kids Aid Foundation were present on the occasion along with Government officials, Ambassadors, high rank security officials, press representatives, representatives of different NGOs and children from other organizations participated in the program.

Rt. Honorable President of Democratic Republic of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav had kindly consented to to inaugurate the programme as the Chief Guest but had to retrieve at the last moment due to security reasons.   

During his speech in the program, honourable State Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare, Ram Wajan Yadav requested the donor organizations to extend these projects to rural areas of Nepal where there are many disadvantaged children living, as the children are the foundation for future of the country. He strongly emphasized that everyone present in the program has the potential to lead the country hence being the president and the prime minister by themselves.

Addressing the Opening ceremoney, Mr. Daemi, Chairman and CEO of LeasePlan said \'\'By being given shelter, attention, love, and education, the children have and will continue to develop and we do encourage all the children of the Child Watabaran Centre to make their dreams come true.\'\' He further Added that \'\'LeasePlan is proud to have provided the financial means to realise this. We value the professional co-operation with Net4kids but most importantly we want to stress again the importance of the work done by Tirtha, Poonam and all the other members of the Child Watabaran Centre team\'\'. The opening ceremony was also addressed by Managing Director of Net4kids, Mrs. Odette van Zijdveld, and Former MD of Net4kids Mrs. Veronika Uhl, and Consulate General of Sweden Mr. Gajendra Bahadur Shrestha

The Chairman of CWCN Mr. Tirtha Raj Rasaili strongly addressed that it is a shameful instance that the Head of State has to withdraw from attending a programme of pure social nature which is related to children due to security reasons. He presented his grief about the future of the country for the reasons the President could not attend the program. He requested the honourable State Minister to take his voice to the other ministers and other organs of the government.

Established in 2002, Child Watabaran Center Nepal is an organization working for street children to rehabilitate and reintegrate them into families and societies by providing them education, health facilities, vocational trainings and life skills. The three buildings of the organization are built in the area of 6 ropanis with approximate investment of 45 million rupees. The two buildings of the organization namely Siddhartha Sadan for boys and Bhrikuti Sadan for girls have the capacity to reside 30 children in each of its home. The third building i.e. the academic building of the organization is named Siksha Sadan where the children can study up to grade 5. The entire facilities were built with the financial support from LeasePlan Corporation, worldwide and in technical support of Net4kids Aid Foundation.

Hence, the inauguration program was indeed a successful one and the organization is determined to provide strong foundation for the hopes of the children and successfully reintegrating them into their families or the societies.