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Moti weds Hira


CWCN family would like to congratulate Mr. Moti Rai and Mrs. Hira Magar for their special wedding. They were collegues in CWCN and Now this relationship has taken a to a new height - a relationship of soul.

Both of them got married in the hometown of Moti in eastern city of Nepal - Dharan - on 5 April 2011.

As the name suggests, they are very precious couple. Moti in Nepali means Pearl. And Hira means dimond. So, symbolically also, they are the most precious couple for CWCN.

Moti has been working with us for more than 6 years. Hira Worked as CMA for our Transit clinic almost a year in 2008.

Moti jee and Hira jee are the perfect couple" - Sunil said. SUnil is now admin/operation manager of CWCN who has been working as direct supervisor for Moti in outreach and reintegration for more than 4 years.

"They complete each other" was the complement given by Poonam Pariyar - Chief Executive of CWCN. "I wish both of them a successful conjugal life", she added.

Sunita - Programme Manager of Home and Education says, "Wedding of Moti jee and Hira jee has not only brought happiness among us, but also has created a great example to the children in CWCN about how a relationship should look like."

Moti Rai is a Programme Manager of Outreach and Reintegration Department of CWCN. Hira works in public health sector in the hilly regions in different NGO.

-Report by CWCN Communication team

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