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SBE-Bulletin Editorial

Dear friends\"\"
Greetings from Social Business Family
I am pleased to share this e-bulletin of SBE with you. This will be published on monthly basis from now on and you will be timely connected to our initiatives through this e-bulletin.
First, Let me introduce our company Social Business Enterprises NPS Co. It is a profit making but profit non-sharing company established in 2009. As the name suggests, Social Business is the model that we re-defined and developed with our vision to respond to the sustainability challenges of our social initiatives. From the day we started Child Watabaran Center (CWCN) in 2002 – a child protection NGO we started in 2002, we always wanted to start the business that cares in different ways e.g.  by creating employment to marginalized people and by making profit to financially sustain CWCN.
Our vision is very simple: Employability and Sustainability. We train and employ marginalized youths in our company and create financial capital to sustain the initiatives of CWCN. In this way, we fulfill our commitment of 100% for children.
We are running a textile company that produces fair trade clothes to national and international companies. We focus on quality products and we ensure good working conditions of people working at SBE. Buyers of our products can track whether they are produced responsibly. The profit we make from our social business are invest in CWCN. That’s how we give our clients the unique opportunity to be a part of social business.
We have been scaling up our textile venture with our own brand clothes in near future and few other ventures are in pipeline. We have been setting up our own benchmarks to be a competitive and professional yet a fair trade company. Thanks to the Assessment study carried out by Himmelblau ( in March 2011, we have been able to reposition our company, define priorities and develop business ventures.
We will continuously share our works through this monthly newsletter “SBe-bulletin”   in future.
Keep following us.
Tirtha Rasaili