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CWCN enters in 5th Year: Anniverssary News


20th November 2006 was no less than a festival for Child Watabaran. And why should not it be? After all, it was CWCN’s birthday. Before a week only, the anniversary feeling had touched everyone. All of the staffs and children were busy preparing for the program. All were in rush, all were busy and the only reason for this was to success the program. The program started at 12 in the afternoon. Mrs Bhagwati Sangraula –Assistant Director/Social Welfare Council seated as the chief guest of the program. Mr. Kabir Pradhan –Women Cell of Police, Shambhu Khatri –Community Police and Mr. Suresh Poudel –Teacher of Shram Rastriya Ma.Vi (formal school of the children), Mrs Manmaya Rasaili-mother of Mr. Tirtha Raj Rasaili were special guests in the program. The organizations Voice of Children and CPCS also showed their participation. Most importantly, the parents/guardians of children showed a massive presence which made the program a huge success. They were amazed by the performances shown by their children, some did even cry. The program was hosted by two youths Sudeep Nepali and Bhola Thapa and a staff-Kokila Khatiwada. The program hosts were good enough to hold the audiences tight. Five dances and six songs were performed altogether. However, 25 minutes long drama on the theme of “Selling of a girl child” attracted audiences the most. All were overwhelmed by the performances by these children. They were outstanding. Besides the formal and the cultural program, the Anniversary was special for other two reasons. The youths graduated in Stitching Training and Gardening training were given away certificates in the very day. The chief guest did the honour of giving away the certificates and most important was the “Launching of a poem book” by Dorje Lama (one of the boys in boys home). He had collection of 50 poems in his personal diary which he wished to be published one day. On the occasion of fourth anniversary, we published his poem collection book entitled “Ma Mareko Suchana” (message of my death….). The chief guest together with the assistant director launched the poem book. All the people were amazed when Dorje recited his title poem. The book consists of 32 wonderful poems by Dorje where he talks about hardship of life, love, and struggle, duty toward nation, women and children. This was indeed a pleasure for organization too to publish Dorje’s poem book. The book was distributed to all the guests and we aim to distribute it to the other schools and organizations too. In her speech the chief guest said that she was astonished to see the progress of an organization in just the span of four years. She also expressed her shock on the performances by these kids. Congratulating us she also promised to help us in every ways both officially and at personal level too. She stayed during the entire program. The other guest Mr. Suresh Poudel (a teacher from the school where our children go for formal schooling) also expressed his happiness to see these children progressing. He also praised the organization for being so serious about their studies and guiding them properly. The four and half hours long program ended up with refreshment where we could see all the children taking care of their parents, chatting and having fun. This indeed was one of the greatest days for CWCN which we desperately long for, every year. I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Tirtha Raj Rasaili (director) for his continuous support in smooth operation of the organization in his absence. I would also like to express thanks to our donors for trusting us and helping us to help these needy children. I should not miss to thank my dear co staffs who work hard to build these children and achieve the goal of the organization. Most importantly, thanks to all the children who value this day more than anything else and make us feel happy and proud of them!!! Poonam Pariyar