Girl or Boy: Every Child Must be Protected

Watabaran center for Street Girls

Watabaran Center for Street Girls (WCSG) provides education and training to street girls in a familial environment. Currently, there are 13 girls staying in the Center aged between eight to eleven years. They study there for two years which is equivalent to grade five according to the education system of Nepal. Basic knowledge of Mathematics, English, Nepali, along with Social Science and Environment are taught to the girls.

The girls are given freedom to decide to stay or leave the Center. Most of them find it hard to abide by the rules of CWCN as they are accustomed to living a carefree life on streets. They long to have the freedom of a vagabond life they had earlier. We do not force them to live in the Center but instead show them ways to secure their future.

Children in our Center are guided in such a way that they become more responsible, more concerned about their future and are liable to change for their own benefit. They have their own set of principles and work accordingly to attain their goals. Two female caretakers are always there in the center to guide and help them in their daily lives.

Case Study
Struggle to success: Kritina Shrestha
Kritina is among the first 13 girls in the Center. Though she never had economic problem in the family, her stepfather’s attitude towards her and her circle of friends forced her to land up on the streets. She lived on the street and got into all the bad habits. It was difficult for her to adjust in Watabaran as she had to follow strict rules and regulations. However, with time she grew to love the place and its people. The familial environment around her holds her back in Watabaran. At present she is studying in grade 5. She has completed one year of basic tailoring classes and is taking advance tailoring course in Youth Opportunity Production House. In future, she wants to be a fashion designer. She has strong leadership quality in her and can set an example among her peers.


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