Finding a Way to Income Generation

Watabaran Garden Service Center

Creating a heaven in your home is a dream every individual would opt for and when it's contributing for a social cause at the same time, it will be an extra boon one could wish for. You can also be a part of this social cause by giving these children a chance to decorate and design your garden.

Watabaran Garden Service Center is a unique business of Child Watabaran Center, Nepal (CWCN). The specialty of this business is that the children will come to your house and design your garden as per your preference. This way you can contribute to a social cause and at the same time have a lovely garden. This is a unique business and the 100 per cent profit of the Gardening Service will be used for education and training of the children.

This business has been started with the motive of income generating programme for the children so that they can start up with their own business in future. This helps them learn how to make use of their productive skills in a larger arena in future.


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