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Transit Clinic

Started in February 2007, Bal Swasthya is a free transit clinic for children living and working on the street and children who can not bear the treatment cost in the hospitals. The Clinic looks after children below 18 years of age. We have paediatricians, Health Workers, Community Medical Assistant and experienced social workers to run the clinic.

Many children on the street are deprived from health services. They do not get proper treatment in the hospitals and private clinics. On the other hand, children living in the squatter areas are also deprived from health services because of the lack of awareness and poverty. So, the main objective of the clinic is to provide these children their right to health.

Bal Swasthya Services:

Clinical Services

  • -First aid treatment
  • -Dressings
  • -Diagnosis of diseases
  • -In patient rooms separate for transferable and non-transferable diseases
  • -Medicine distribution
  • -Vaccination
  • -Referral to the concerned hospitals for further treatment
  • - Laboratory

Awareness and education services

  • -Counselling to children about health related subjects
  • -Health and Hygiene education
  • -Parents/guardian counselling
  • -Non-formal education to street living and working children
  • -Audio-Visual Classes
  • -Field Visits for follow-ups

Run By:
Child Watabaran Center, Nepal

Supported by:
Lease Plan, Child Plan/ Net4kids


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