Be the Helping Hand to Save a Life

Sponsor a Child

We recklessly blow up money and waste it not realising that several children on the streets can be helped with the bare minimum.

The sponsorship program of CWCN gives people a chance to make a difference in the life of such children who are left on the streets to die. There are many children on the street, labouring hard to earn their living. Sponsorship enables these street children go to school and live a decent life. Our children here in the CWCN Center go to school and we also provide vocational trainings to them. With your help, we aim to provide sponsorship to such needy children and help them live a normal life.

The Sponsorship goes for:

  • School fees and educational materials
  • Food and Room cost
  • Medical and other facilities
  • Clothes
  • Small Business Enterpreneurship through HELP

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