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You can help CWCN by funding its current and upcoming projects. Ofcourse, we make sure that all our projects are tangible in giving better envoronment, protection and better opportunities for many underpriviledged children who are living and working on the street. Some of the current and upcoming projects are listed. You can jump to the form to be able to know more about the project. Construction of Judo Hall: Our children are excellent in Judo and Marshal Arts. They have won international medals. Children's interest are increasing in Judo and we are building a small judo hall in our child homes in Nayapati. The total cost is EUro 8050. Status: Thanks to the support of LeasePlan Corporation, this activity has been 100% in 2010. Water treatment plant: If any of you have ideas on sustainable solution of water treatment and drinkable water supply, please help us by setting up water treatment plant in our new child homes. Status:Thanks to the support of Partage, Water Treatment Plant has been installed. Website management/translation: Though we know how to deliver the quality services to our children, we lack technical know how on how to make our website uptodate. You can see the website pages and they devinitely need alot of improvement. We want to increase the communication efficiency by providing information portal to our partners through our website We are looking for volunteers who can contribute some hours in a week by translating the website content, and managing the information in the website. Status: Open If if you are interested to know about the programmes that may interest you, Please contact: Poonam Pariyar Email: Phone: 00977 1 4498924

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Technical assistance


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