Fulfilling the Basic Needs in Life

What makes us unique

It is an undeniable fact that the present scenario of street children is not the result of poverty alone but several other circumstances concluding to problems that force these children to be what they are today. These street children need to be educated, protected and have the right to live in the society. Thus, our organisation helps these street children to be independent individuals through education and vocational trainings.

This makes us unique:

  • Right based Approach Not Just Welfare or Charity
    All our programs targeted to street children operate on right-based approach. Children have the Right to live, to develop, to be protected and respected in all the interventions and measures. We respect UN CRC and run with the spirit of protecting children rights.
  • Providing long term social security
    When street children leave street life, they are rehabilitated by the Center to make them lead a financially secure life. The Center provides them with a homely environment and productive trainings for their safe future. This helps them further set off on their own will maintaining contact with the Center. This helps them avoid from falling back to their street-life patterns up to five years after they leave the Center. Regular follow ups are done to enhance them and to help them lead a socially secure life.
  • Help them learn, care, heal and much more We help our children to learn from nature and their own life. We motivate them to give priority to themselves and learn team work with each other by caring and sharing their work and happiness.
  • Help them reunite with their family
    These street children are psychologically shattered and are far away from their parental home. The Center reunites them with their family only when they think it would be a good solution for the child. In some cases it is not always the best option.
  • Provide Training and employing in various jobs
    The street children are sent to school and after schooling they are provided with vocational trainings and make it a point that they use their trainings. We also employ them in various sustainability projects of CWCN which helps them to accommodate in the society both financially and socially.
  • Sustainable project
    CWCN has projects such as gardening and clothes production which enables the Center to strive on its own without depending totally on donations. It enlarges the scope for children and youths to work and make a living for themselves in future. We call it "Aid through Trade".

In CWCN, Children get to know their inner self; their potentials to carry on in the real world, ability in allocating resources, mobilize it in their ways and utilizing it to solve their existing problems. Our continuous efforts are interwoven with the undeniable yearnings of the children to help them survive a decent and standard life. We provide them a platform where they learn to respect and love their life and each other at the same time. We believe that, "Every child has right to 3H development- heart, head and hand"and we strive for it.


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